⚠ READ Standard Shipping info before order
⚠ READ Standard Shipping info before order

Standard Shipping Information


Updated: 10 Aug 2022

At Panthera Lux, honesty is the best policy.

Due supply-chain issues we cannot guarantee you will receive your order within 30 days. 

Ship directly from China through standard post. Please give items time to make the journey. Your item will arrive in your mailbox through your country's standard postal service.
  • Final delivery is handled by standard post and ultimately beyond our control.
Examples of Standard Postal Service: United States Postal Service, Canada Post, Royal Mail, and Australia Post.



Tracking emails sent when the package is ready for shipment. It may take up to 3-5 days for the information to update. This is normal.

Use your order tracking code with your standard postal service!


[What will my package look like?]

 Look for a small shipping envelope from China. You will not see Panthera Lux logos. This is a cost saving measure until we can grow our supply line.


****If your order doesn't arrive after 30 days please contact our support staff at Support@PantheraLux.com.****

 Full Panthera Lux Shipping Policy: https://pantheralux.com/pages/shipping-policy